About us

Founded by the joy of traveling as a family and embracing the spoils of South Africa's nature and wildlife, Find and Seek was born!


There is no better experience than travelling with loved ones and having the best equipment to enhance these adventures. 


Find and Seek aims to ensure that from your vehicle, all the way to the bottom of your pocket, you are equipped with every accessories any outdoor environment loves to test.


It is fair to say that no campfire is complete without the sound of the wood cracking in the background and looking into the lense of a telescope at the vivid diamonds in the clear bush veld night.


No game-drive, be it early in the morning or just as the African sun rests behind the horizon feels quite right without that flask full of coffee for mom and dad. 


As a young child, the joy of opening your first pocket knife and having a sense of control right at your fingertips as you set off on a small hike, clutching continually at any opportunity to just whip out your new gift is what South Africa is about.

As the traditions have changed over the years and technology slowly replaces the embedded roots of our childhoods, Find and Seek continues to look at making sure that from the young all the way to the seasoned adventurer, you all have the best accessories at your disposal.


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